hair colour

 brown, dark blond-brown
 bright blond 

These are 3 different ways how i could change my hair. I have done it with Paint so please don't wonder about why it's so unprofessional. Which one do you like most?? Should i stay blond or not? Do you have some other ideas?

normal...I guess this is the best version because of the highlights i have. ... Imagine the other pictures will get some, too!


  1. dir steht beides sehr, sehr gut! aber blond mag ich lieber ;) :D ♥

  2. ähm, bitte bitte superblond bleiben, liebe deine alte haarfarbe, bby!!

  3. danke für deinen lieben kommentar! :) ich finde auch, dass dir blond besser steht...
    xxx Marilena